Submitting a Manuscript

When your manuscript is complete–OK, writers never feel finished with their works, but somewhere close–we’d love to take a look. We need two things from you to get the process going: a well researched, professionally edited manuscript in one of our topic areas (the sciences, especially biology) and a cover letter in lieu of a proposal.

Submission Package

Your cover letter should offer a brief summary of the book’s central point(s), describe the intended reader, the similar titles and how your work expands on them, and why you are the right author for this book. This needn’t be long; a page will suffice. You many also, of course, include any other details that you think we should know.

Use our Contact Us webform to reach out; we’ll send you all the details.

The Process

We’re eager to get your submission. We’ll take a look at your cover letter and read your manuscript. You can expect to hear from us within three months, although we know what it’s like to wait and will get back to you sooner if possible.

When we accept a manuscript, we get to work with you in designing the book cover, layout, and interior illustrations while our editor works with your submission. We like to publish within 9 months of acceptance.